Design of electric retractable landing gears, in perfect scale, for model airplanes

focke wulf retracts made in italy

Warbird Retracts is a specialized landing gear model company located in Italy where we take pride in our products.

What distinguishes our company from our competitors is the fact that we solely base our designs on the actual aircraft schematics.

Each kit is built with authenticity, quality, and workmanship which is based on the original manufacturer’s specifications.

Our high-quality landing gear can be viewed on Facebook. Come join our family!

Our kits will enable you to feel as if you have an authentic piece of aircraft.

Come fly with us, the sky is the limit.

Focke Wulf 190 – 1/4 Scale

100% Authenticity, Scale and Proportion!

warbird retracts project italy

Research and high-tech development

retracts for aiplane models scale

Machining from the solid piece by 5-Axis Milling • Ergal 70/75

retracst aiplane models warbird

Strong structure without weldings

warbird retracts constructions

Powerful Electric retraction movement

All projects are developed exclusively from the original drawings.

• Angle respected like the original • External structure closely reproduced composed of 15 elements • Internal anti-rotation structure • Uplock is provide directly by electric motor

Focke Wulf 190 retracts – 1/4 Scale

New set : Mustang P-51 – 1:4 Scale

Mustang P-51 - 1:4 Scale
Mustang P-51 - 1:4 Scale
Mustang P-51 - 1:4 Scale

Our Projects Made on Request

Supermarine Spitfire MK.IX | Macchi 202-205 | Mustang | Messerschmitt BF 109 | Mitsubishi A6M Zero

Macchi 202 retracts – 1/4 Scale

modellini aerei carrelli warbird macchi 202 folgore
warbird retracts airplane models scale made in italy macchi 202 folgore
warbird retracts mcchi 202 folgore
warbird retracts mcchi 202 folgore airplane models
warbird retracts mcchi 202 folgore scale projest

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